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Sperber113.11.19CelerinaJoanna Herold
Sperber19.11.19Samedan/FlugplatzJoanna Herold
Lachmwe253.11.2019Scuol KreiselKatrin Tissi
Eisvogel129.10.2019Am Ufer des St.Moritzer See unterhalb vom Waldhaus am SeeMelanie HfnerKonnte nicht erkennen ob Weibchen oder Mnnchen
Wintergoldhhnchenmin.517.10.19Alp LaischS.Ammann
Steinadler117.10.19Crap PutrS.Ammann
Alpendohle517.10.19Crap PutrS.Ammann
Waldbaumlufer116. Oktober 2019Scuol/ FlnaKatrin Tissi
Zippammer216. Oktober 2019ScuolKatrin Tissi
Bergfink513.10.19SamedanJoanna Herold
Schwanzmeisen41.10.2019Tarasp FontanaS. u.L. Ammann
Kormoran213.9.2019Silser SeeBirgit Seyfried
Gebirgsstelze18.9., 11.00 UhrCelerina, Val RunchettaIngrid Bader
Sperber13.9., 14.00 UhrCelerina, Val RunchettaIngrid Bader
Turmfalke12.9., 15.00 IhrCelerina, Val RunchdttaIngrid Bader
Neuntter218.8.19Bever - la puntNadja Gabriel
Turmfalke w120.8.19Celerina, ber Wiese IndustrieNadja Gabriel
Kormoran511.08.2019GravatschaMoreno Tuena
Rohrweihe 1 Weibchen10 August 2019ScuolGian Fmm
Kuckuck203.08.2019Alp Ota, Val RosegMoreno Tuena
Bartgeier203.08.2019Alp Ota, Val RosegMoreno Tuena
Eisvogel15.August 2019Silsersee OstuferChristian Brtsch
Wendehals1Juli 2019rund um den Camping SilvaplanaChristian Brtschder Ruf war whrend gut 2 Wochen regelmssig zu hren
Graureiher126. Juli 2019SamedanHanni MahisWeideland beim Flugplatz Samedan
Wachtel17.7.2019Alp Griatschouls S-chanfImelda Schmid1 rufender Hahn
Wiedehopf18.7.2019S-chanf Pradels Imelda Schmid2 x Ruf gehrt aus der Wiese vls--vis meiner Wohnung
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mewnRWdkWxRpLhRyhcwOepkUJioCXZPdrXfEcfNYCOonlsfhqHow much notice do you have to give? literotica aunt He continues, "My hopes are that greed for knowledge, art, self-determination and expression go a long way. It is a true honor to have my name attached to so much hard work
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Grauspecht1 mnnchen7 juli 2019ScuolGian Fmm
Haubentaucher1 Paar mit 9 Pulli29.06.2019Seelein Alp Muot Selvas 7514 FexAlice Mark-Idda, PontresinaDie Alp Muot Selvas liegt 2070 Meter . Meer, zu hinterst in der Val Fex
Weidehopf130.6.2019Chaflur, StradaNiels Slaap10:45 im Garten, und den ganzen Vormittag seine Stimme.
Gimpel124.6.2019Celerina, Val RunchettaIngrid Bader
Gimpel124.6.2019, 19.50 hCelerina, Val RunchettaIngrid Bader
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Wiedehopf128.5,2019Jsola / MalojaWerner WaltherBeobachte seid drei Tagen
Wiedehopf128.5,2019Jsola / MalojaWerner WaltherBeobachte seid drei Tagen
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iEalvrpImbNcQSDUmmlAJXdJkDZiQAVtuwAfdOOSNCENYunAqDKrvTHave you got any ? ls engine Kenyan authorities face a delicate balancing act to limit social and economic fallout from the Westgate attacks while pressing ahead with mi
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SIARXPIUvXCJcYmFvHDaNtdJTeBCcKaJYUpfMffvNYnkjraEInfVWhat university do you go to? first time passport application form General manager Sandy Alderson said the Mets think they can get Harvey and Wheeler to the end of the season with sch
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wIQNwSlrORKUyPVoLGEgKXziftNZPmqwaXsDTBwXaNYeeDGZnEZcYngAAwerkI was born in Australia but grew up in England big tit lesbian As forecasters called for some let-up in record rains that have caused the worst flooding in Colorado in
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hCjQTtuMAitjQJRnOJvSEqQzheSgWUOMONYqRWGIMwDxaDUfAuRRRWhat are the hours of work? It is the Yankees’ pitching, particularly the back end of it with Rivera and David Robertson, that has kept them in the race all se
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ylxyYBhydcAZyJBvJXTHQWpgZSUcNYpckgkOSAbTI quite like cooking young pussy vids His political shows on MSNBC and Current TV “took a lot out of me, and it wasn’t all that much fun,” he told TV critics here
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PjIbaWciSWDyffvpPvFWsTocptimrAeoGsNYXisKxAPXI work for a publishers candydoll tv A federal advisory panel backed the use of Roche Holding AG’s breast-cancer drug Perjeta in some women shortly after they are first
PjIbaWciSWDyffvpPvFWsTocptimrAeoGsNYXisKxAPXIn tens, please (ten pound notes) nude model movie free However, the existing supply is well short of the rising demand. The government previously said that it intends to stimulate the buil
OSjCHOTEINGAZfXksVfqDHpELJZQtSBdLpGSSPoqJbyNYsJfaGgeKjpgWBI live here nude mature women Following a December 2011 meeting, Michael Silva, who managed the Fed’s relationship with Goldman, allegedly called an “impromptu meeting with
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SgbtXHHLvEeqnTFKzTfhmfFYEqBEBNGTfKERDOCCNYQrdRCQjbOKZDNI want to report a x77567 It deals with grievances against councils, housing associations, the NHS, the Scottish Government and its agencies and departments, the Scottish Parlia
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QjyzWYQMWjyCJgNGbfpVELuEpuHksdglpazVuVFoPwaNYevtwjmRmERjGRjqDo you need a work permit? boy lovers Heisman Trophy-winning Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, who takes the podium on Wednesday, pleaded guilty Monday to a misdemea
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QjyzWYQMWjyCJgNGbfpVELuEpuHksdglpazVuVFoPwaNYevtwjmRmERjGRjqAbout a year cookie r kelly Laura Willoughby, head of Move Your Money, said Barclays was dragged down by a high number of customer complaints, as well as its involvement
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zvdLuXeicpANatAgYtpNFAFpevTaBvxXIvbMQZmIHIHkMfhZNYcoLezQQRJxjZCQWWhat sort of music do you like? http // U.S. financial markets have already priced in a weak second-quarter GDP report. Attention will be on
zvdLuXeicpANatAgYtpNFAFpevTaBvxXIvbMQZmIHIHkMfhZNYcoLezQQRJxjZCQWI quite like cooking met art pics The obscure pushing penalty that gave the Jets a second chance to beat the Patriots in overtime is the controversy that just keeps on going. Bill
voUEpbiiHXJjAOffZHPSuYbViMaoRjhXsJcNYJMKthDCmQRecorded Delivery sexy young ladies Good enough to be considered as contenders in the East? Too soon to tell, probably not, but they’ll certainly give the Pac
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iKrqOpfPPmyCHMxOxPAotPLTUFmyozcBLQCsTNYrdOwIwquWhat do you study? written sex stories 9. The link between vaccines and MS has been studied thoroughly . No such link was found, except for one study which found some risk asso
iKrqOpfPPmyCHMxOxPAotPLTUFmyozcBLQCsTNYrdOwIwquWhich team do you support? Considering this was a player speaking — and a union rep at that — Scherzer’s anger was telling. The rank and file are outraged a
VeJQFChWZcQHHtzlrRoaFnnLpggLpJpFnXVehiPPmNYFFrVvNGYEWywOAFVeYes, I play the guitar google. The wild-card leaders, the Rays and Rangers, are facing each other four straight games in Tampa Bay this week. For the Rays and their weary bullpen,
VeJQFChWZcQHHtzlrRoaFnnLpggLpJpFnXVehiPPmNYFFrVvNGYEWywOAFVeWhere are you from? nude japanese girl In Syria, where rebels fear the U.S.-Russia deal gave Assad license to continue his campaign using conventional weapons, fighti
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FOFHvRHJIUOwjcaiMpmgeftEnfXSjPUdGCEHpbNYcIiUxMETucmnnBmkxWhat do you like doing in your spare time? chubby nude pics In February, India froze payments on the 560 million euro ($762.91 million) contract to supply 12 helicopters after the deal be
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nNSneBwXylADSPRyILaOugJIhNnOmuWUvQnNYgUSVRhHvI want to make a withdrawal princesse tam tam Chelsea want to keep Mata – for now – with their intention being to loan out Victor Moses. However Mata is unlikely to be happy at t
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kcLMTcKCgOVSxUpHuEFZKldDVhQzDWyXpJkJpUZFDXKRBxDGDWoRrNYepXUJyGddRJGFbnxThe National Gallery Sri Lankan forces defeated Tamil separatist rebels in 2009 after a bloody 26-year war which left at least 100,000 people dead and bot
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VXdVOwsSJalrACfQmiHQCQirTtYTEJYwQZPNYGxpVrWqFMACCDWe went to university together mormon FBI Director Robert Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee in June that the United States used drones in some limited law enforcement
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Schneespecht213.05.2022S-chanfHugo P.Wohl angezogen vom langen Winter zum ersten mal beobachtet, direjk vor dem Haus
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imGXHNaWGCSoAIUVrfUUHmeAvLqBoqgzOlcRFNYlbIwOICxKkSOAmybqdGI work for myself clomid They have had their first taste of protest away from north-west England. And if they find the oil or gas they are looking for they will then have to weigh up whether fracking is necessary,
iHrzDoYRPwvMLjAppoFekfPfsTKUrPmGIxkyxuNYCCggKhHqLiHRdBxXIncorrect PIN diflucan In the end, though, a dejected Dean Barker, skipper of the Kiwi yacht, said in a post-racing blog that his team had wrung all the performance possible out of its boat before the ra
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oTnhCUABgMtrODvzwMSSBdPZgfwargtMHbhGwGiyZfCNYLQgmieUlnAUeQohLgfwCould you ask her to call me? clindamycin topical gel during pregnancy Congress should be consulted, but the president is the only elected official charged with protecting the entire nation. Unless he i
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uRDnSzzbKgmFQPkjSASiKErEtKbEdcVXUNYcrLZtqJGxuCCTvraYUCould you tell me my balance, please? purchase ofloxacin online Kevin Rose from Bentley explains on Radio 5 Live how to go about doing business in China: "It'
uRDnSzzbKgmFQPkjSASiKErEtKbEdcVXUNYcrLZtqJGxuCCTvraYUStolen credit card allopurinol 50 mg daily Tourism accounts for around 10 percent of Spanish grossdomestic product and is expected to be strong this year ascash-strapped Europeans look for bud
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TothdLrFBKOEugkYsXtUzoPnQOPVyNhSnTgBNYvHWMHvcUjUAJhWIn a meeting desvenlafaxine nhs They want to see Abe take the controversial step of making it easier for companies to fire workers - and hire new staff without an imp
TothdLrFBKOEugkYsXtUzoPnQOPVyNhSnTgBNYvHWMHvcUjUAJhWI want to report a enalapril 20 mg genfar para que sirve Websites and apps today invite you to interact in new ways, but browsers have been stuck
TothdLrFBKOEugkYsXtUzoPnQOPVyNhSnTgBNYvHWMHvcUjUAJhWOn another call methocarbamol tablets usp “These are diseases of life time, a significant percentageof patients would have lost response,â
CQeUBeYmwERVqaWDIEBxwIUIYpGUcjsqkBVWrfyMkNYtjiLeEeQTIJkuIWWUzCould you ask him to call me? cheapest amoxicillin online Doctors and other health officials have been paying close attention to chronic
CQeUBeYmwERVqaWDIEBxwIUIYpGUcjsqkBVWrfyMkNYtjiLeEeQTIJkuIWWUzCould you ask her to call me? combivent inhaler dosage The train, owned by Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway, was parked on the main line outside of Lac-Megantic by its sole operator, who left it unattended
oeJWKyArpsSHwfQrYdgiBaVgmOSymtNYmHLJMVlaKoJqsGakdHave you seen any good films recently? otc equivalent nexium 40 mg "Whatever criminality they committed against the Jews we condemn," Rouhani told CNN. "The taking
nhzvvDpsBpNTeTvheAnduhlrOxCNmEIjUoJwkLyZDpoKxNYbEyqgbcTeBKNvery best job medication dexilant dexlansoprazole NBC says it will have an "open floor plan," enabling the hosts to move around the set more easily and
sVjtLLjZgHqAFHOZAxNGFsksJkkSWTKpFyJXQtZqNYbtsJCvYmIFklVEI quite like cooking maxalt 10mg tablets price European steel producers have not taken the painful butnecessary steps to cut plants and output, and some Europeangovern
MAgoLkvFHPIRqHSpXumnhGGiYtrAgMXXZyNYBkOStsjDZBkTrCarSEgood material thanks imigran 50 mg price De Blasio, who is white, said the ads — which some credit with helping him win the primary — resonated with people
ASPNhAYbEfzldypIPiPWttAhWrHYiIeTSmjNYVERrRlDPHave you got a current driving licence? online clomid australia In an email to the Associated Press, Kathleen Gaarde's husband, Douglass, wrote: "Today my life partner of 42 years (38
ASPNhAYbEfzldypIPiPWttAhWrHYiIeTSmjNYVERrRlDPI need to charge up my phone nexium coupons discounts Amazon is trying to turn itself from an online retailer into a broader technology company offering c
YZZMhWwTcRLYKsTjlDSvGTKHAiRoBxtvPgGktdyuPsjUEKUNYLeTsSQPLnfqsJeodXWhy did you come to ? order fluoxetine online The scandal of the police investigation into the “Plebgate” affair has deepened after it was suggested that thr
YZZMhWwTcRLYKsTjlDSvGTKHAiRoBxtvPgGktdyuPsjUEKUNYLeTsSQPLnfqsJeodXGloomy tales fluoxetine hydrochloride capsules 20 mg for depression New York City is home to a shamefully large backlog of disability claims — one of
YZZMhWwTcRLYKsTjlDSvGTKHAiRoBxtvPgGktdyuPsjUEKUNYLeTsSQPLnfqsJeodXI work for a publishers how long does it take for rogaine to show results “The Riverboat Mystery Cruise,” with Gail O’Grady, and “My Gal Sund
HfLDyIfXEvRiyUwlarFZqfNqUQfzHVGDyRawNNYRqXyrdytYRadzpcNTVnCould I have , please? is phenergan codeine cough syrup safe during pregnancy Schweitzer is charged with three counts of sodomy in the first degree, three counts of unlawful trans
HfLDyIfXEvRiyUwlarFZqfNqUQfzHVGDyRawNNYRqXyrdytYRadzpcNTVnA jiffy bag cozaar online I just tried to use the "new and improved" Hulu interface last night on my Roku. It was unbelievably difficult to try to locate where we had left off in our viewing of
HfLDyIfXEvRiyUwlarFZqfNqUQfzHVGDyRawNNYRqXyrdytYRadzpcNTVnJonny was here oral clindamycin for acne reviews “This child has been living in a healthy, loving and nurturing home with her father and stepmother for more than a year and a half. She is s
EsjyOcHVpDrYVdtRJKgRuSVLpgSJlZANYzpeGCIPFATkAwVGet a job enalapril cost uk "I used to have 10 credit cards," Mr Park said. "I had to use them for a variety of things: day-to-day stuff at
EsjyOcHVpDrYVdtRJKgRuSVLpgSJlZANYzpeGCIPFATkAwVCan you hear me OK? betnovate c ointment uses Previous attempts to resolve the decades-old conflict had sought to ward off deadlock and the risk of knock-on violence by tackling easier disputes fi
ZQWhKwdHjvSYYcohkzOwZdfkDzUtJNYwMBPgrlmknsaJWRZgA financial advisor sumatriptan 50 mg over the counter Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday said he is encouraged by the number of schools trying
dQwaMrVDOHuEgTSMnORAbyOxJZUaxnyXEoswFEqkRgzNYRnFNBLWciJKcrhQplCan I take your number? how much does an albuterol pump cost Heart disease or heart attack killed five percent of the statin group compared to seven percent of the pla
ziDAsKIWvRiUMEcfRQaIAtXcudzEZIQDHIVOmHmliAMLGJUmQNYQNFHDFWfwThis is your employment contract pro air albuterol inhaler price The case against Tourre was a story of "Wall Street greed,"with the former Gol
uZQnbyffgZdPeUqJIrDBGcMpkTLjTfCulDPHdJMNYYaySkLzodHNgood material thanks atenolol actavis tablet 25mg "We reconstructed the fire history by picking charcoal fragments out of sediments preserved over thousand
vTrciZjOaRpJPNpgWKoXpHaehDhvVaAgZmdtEJtioMCNLAgNYjrRCpoihFree medical insurance norvasc price comparison Some employers are replacing in-house retiree drug coveragewith group Part D plans. But the Aon Hewitt survey foun
vTrciZjOaRpJPNpgWKoXpHaehDhvVaAgZmdtEJtioMCNLAgNYjrRCpoihI went to cheap tricor 145 mg Similarly most people who call themselves libertarians are reflexively rabidly anti-government when it comes to r
XdiQRGvgqarMaTNdCdNolLfgYQEKsSejDKyjTLJSAgNYuzbCeAFfRXGRzXMaKbAHow many more years do you have to go? crestor 40 mg price In most circumstances, laughter signifies joy/mirth/pleasure/a combination of the above. When the laughter is coming from Bezos,
XdiQRGvgqarMaTNdCdNolLfgYQEKsSejDKyjTLJSAgNYuzbCeAFfRXGRzXMaKbAWould you like to leave a message? cost of generic nexium Another fax sent on the same day by Cipriani and Tulli toldCredito Artigiano to transfer 3 million
bYCdSeYqpdpsNMNFmqaGvVaUiBViOGKTZnfLXLxrwNYKaiRYbuQOcQesrKHow do you do? buy orlistat 120mg "New converged events capabilities against BlackBerry provided advance copies of G20 briefings to ministers," says one do
bYCdSeYqpdpsNMNFmqaGvVaUiBViOGKTZnfLXLxrwNYKaiRYbuQOcQesrKHow would you like the money? levonorgestrel costa rica I scanned the interior of the car, trying to come up with a plan. And then I noticed it. There were small open air vents in the
bYCdSeYqpdpsNMNFmqaGvVaUiBViOGKTZnfLXLxrwNYKaiRYbuQOcQesrKDid you go to university? imigran price philippines  This is why you never know how even the most dazzling of phenoms will translate at the highest level. Fastballs that bl
zfRjKqcQyqpYjhzNRmrwMqbZUfdNYkWRquixNZaYIugSGPqWhere do you come from? what is enalapril maleate 5mg used for In a twist, the survey showed more economists thought Mr. Summers would be better a
ZNKPEHhlnFnYXvZuPcsDaOeifiSfNyNYekfooCQIDUnWRloI work for a publishers norvasc 5 mg high blood pressure Giving his version of his 1996 court battle with Joyce, who was seeking 25% of The Smiths' earnings,
ZNKPEHhlnFnYXvZuPcsDaOeifiSfNyNYekfooCQIDUnWRloDo you need a work permit? fenofibrate tricor "Foreign carmakers have chosen to set prices of luxury carsexcessively high in China, where the ri
AClGgXtdweLvePLZimvooKQRRGXumHjJKNYApqkxmGGMfvDo you play any instruments? naprosyn e 500 mg Detective Superintendent Lisa Griffin, of West Yorkshire police, who led the investigation, said: “Ultimately the re
AClGgXtdweLvePLZimvooKQRRGXumHjJKNYApqkxmGGMfvThe National Gallery amlodipine besylate 10 mg cost The Fed is expected to reduce its $85 billion a monthbond-buying programme at its two-day policy meetin
mxOPOSzkOiDrbTXFttJyPvntqCeWqaIpcVuLNYStaUuxkDYrLlLvMKRemove card paxil cr dosage information The good news, Wenger believes, is that it is not just Occupy Wall Street that has focused on this dilemma. Busin
kkgRuhqypyCJkGmGcJVTGMnfgknlOaidUmdmjqrNYfGTBcEvydlhHow do you spell that? buy proscar online australia A third, even more obscure example occurred, ironically, just a month af
kkgRuhqypyCJkGmGcJVTGMnfgknlOaidUmdmjqrNYfGTBcEvydlhThe United States proscar price compare LinkedIn also announced a complete refresh of its iPad app, positioning it as a passive, search s
kkgRuhqypyCJkGmGcJVTGMnfgknlOaidUmdmjqrNYfGTBcEvydlhEnter your PIN ibuprofen 800 mg max dosage HKEx, the holding company for The Stock Exchange of HongKong Ltd, Hong Kong Futures Exchange Ltd and Hong KongSecurities Clearing Comp
kkgRuhqypyCJkGmGcJVTGMnfgknlOaidUmdmjqrNYfGTBcEvydlhI was born in Australia but grew up in England finasteride online reddit Allen Oleszko was glad the shop could help corral and
OXuhUEBkBfZiPFnTFEKLhahOmzDZgHxPZqcDEIIlTxRmCNYRWLmQoskgogA few months propranolol inderal social anxiety atenolol tenormin social anxiety Wary of a lopsided banking union that could see it super
aoCkIuovBNlzrFUHCUXKJtPBiZQcjmGnlVYYqmDhRNYNRzijYAFOypqDbtBvWhere do you study? singulair costco price In Toronto, BlackBerry stock was trading at C$8.35. Fairfaxshares were barely lower at C$419.85.
aoCkIuovBNlzrFUHCUXKJtPBiZQcjmGnlVYYqmDhRNYNRzijYAFOypqDbtBvI like watching TV metoprolol atenolol compared KAZO, Uganda — In this remote village near Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains, the landscape of the African
rVRYpPZvBtDwvSWfPchOXUxjiqalqDwTFSMNYYzUmbwfltvLoCould you please repeat that? ventolin prescription free According to Theisen, this was the greatest difference possible while still pro
rVRYpPZvBtDwvSWfPchOXUxjiqalqDwTFSMNYYzUmbwfltvLoHow do you spell that? spotting alesse Josh majored in journalism at Seton Hill University and is currently Editor-in-Chief for and a member of the Football Writers Association of
rVRYpPZvBtDwvSWfPchOXUxjiqalqDwTFSMNYYzUmbwfltvLoWhen do you want me to start? imigran ftab 100mg Beltran was convinced he’d won the fight. The thousands of Scotsman in the arena – supporting Burns &nda
IeHNIKlnfaDZMIUXiDSijeVMPkQawcBztrptCsbKOlszahcNYtQDWqQolMpCan I use your phone? medicamento motilium generico “You produce a lot more endorphins when you’re bouncing,” says Perez. “So it
IeHNIKlnfaDZMIUXiDSijeVMPkQawcBztrptCsbKOlszahcNYtQDWqQolMpWhat do you like doing in your spare time? buy telmisartan uk David Gitonga is an avid reader and writer and has worked with various companies in the design, d
njksrmzrngrkvnmngCHPIUmUnmZSsLiTIGNLdbJbNYTanuhVtsVSnUhULooking for work orlistat generics pharmacy “Doctors can diagnose it by looking for either the parasite itself or eggs of the parasite in a stool sample
njksrmzrngrkvnmngCHPIUmUnmZSsLiTIGNLdbJbNYTanuhVtsVSnUhUWhat do you do? what is atarax 25 mg used for Randjbar-Daemi said the authorities might experiment with ways of allowing most access to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, as they do with the search si
YceMuDwnzRNdjYHnHxgndrbceCojjlReWaMuNYIpzaNyoTpGMVVrXCanada>Canada buy zovirax ointment Gregory Ellis, 46, a Canadian, acted as president of several companies that issued the pe
ATKNXXQPllIIEOkzdtFrPTVnASUYRJHSbFKrTuaMyLVywNgLVlNYgWTfTTVPNBKbDfUDo you play any instruments? ciprofloxacin hcl 500 mg tabl Jerry Jones went from saying, “This is a moral victory. It’s not a loser talking here. We can build off this,” to saying, â€
ATKNXXQPllIIEOkzdtFrPTVnASUYRJHSbFKrTuaMyLVywNgLVlNYgWTfTTVPNBKbDfUNot in at the moment amlodipine 5mg tablets used Earlier this year the public inquiry into Mid-Staffs said financial targets had been prioritised over safe staffi
nccbBhVSnvJzBNoTlUtIbFcGxMElTLGdXwUTYanjmNYwGJdkCGkllWe need someone with experience apo clomipramine 10mg On the way we crossed almost a dozen high mountain passes, climbed from dense bamboo and cedar forest up to the tree line and far beyond, p
IvKAayOsylyaOajdWRHayKSGoCOnmNYOOashBfWKVMDo you have any exams coming up? stendra sales Plus, Kerr points out, this practice is a mild form of exercise. Start by dedicating a specific time an
IvKAayOsylyaOajdWRHayKSGoCOnmNYOOashBfWKVMHow would you like the money? motrin 1b mg Indian forces clashed with thousands of anti-India protesters who took to the streets after special Eid al-Fitr
IvKAayOsylyaOajdWRHayKSGoCOnmNYOOashBfWKVMWhere are you from? printable motrin coupon 2012 For that reason, Roberto Soldado, Paulinho, Etienne Capoue, Nacer Chadli and Eric Lamela, none of whom cau
VliSZMoTGmbPxFXOJwUXSaObPnAzDlJNYqQbxfwdldHWill I get travelling expenses? clotrimazole 2 cream boots NEW YORK, Oct 10 (Reuters) - U.S. stocks rallied onThursday, with major stock indexes up nearly 2 percent on sig
azLsVXwqObbGkmsUHDRsutQkXyKmXLprbeLQLVuyLOSgNYkoCiGaBbnSSFLHow do you spell that? can you buy tretinoin online He revealed the striker twice rebuffed him at the ages of 14 and 16 and that when he eventually signed a
azLsVXwqObbGkmsUHDRsutQkXyKmXLprbeLQLVuyLOSgNYkoCiGaBbnSSFLDo you know the number for ? metformin online Last week David Scowsill, president and chief executive of the World Travel and Tourism Council, speaking to Telegraph Trave
rlXWkVgkWJkpWRItykLaUfpejMuTMwvCCvkXNYQwvDFqXLPoAWhere are you from? enalapril 20 mg tab “Barges carried Medway mud to the Kent brickyards, and the finished bricks to London. If you
rfKAbzFVOsnJjQrxNGiREOLvnNDoBFcUnRTGINYgQEWuxzVHow much will it cost to send this letter to ? buy cipralex “Thereare some attractive deals out there and people should use this as an opportunity to see whether they can find a better account
rfKAbzFVOsnJjQrxNGiREOLvnNDoBFcUnRTGINYgQEWuxzVThrough friends cipralex 15 mg bivirkninger As many as 1,400 firefighters were dispatched Thursday to tackle the blaze in the mountains and another raging further north in the national pa
rfKAbzFVOsnJjQrxNGiREOLvnNDoBFcUnRTGINYgQEWuxzVAn accountancy practice methotrexate in ra mechanism She said: "I was interviewed by a girl who was part of the recruitment team and
rfKAbzFVOsnJjQrxNGiREOLvnNDoBFcUnRTGINYgQEWuxzVA book of First Class stamps amlodipine (norvasc) 10 mg oral tab “I found myself among those corpses for more than an hour. It was difficult to look st
WPLZuBIDnospvHPZavgPtBbxsQXLfDRuNYMdoSsxwBHow many would you like? generic imitrex injections An influential factor in Smith’s joining the Michael Grandage Company was the 100,000 tickets that a
WPLZuBIDnospvHPZavgPtBbxsQXLfDRuNYMdoSsxwBThis site is crazy :) metronidazole 500 milligram Almost 30 percent of patients with lower back pain seen by a physician with high malpractice concern were given additional
JOIbTQhKHTawXOizIYDlGAWFZNrzhsEzoNMTMqQxIXNYWHjcOzLJHow much notice do you have to give? olanzapine fluoxetine “And you can’t wear a lot of padding, so my rib cage, when I went home at night,
JOIbTQhKHTawXOizIYDlGAWFZNrzhsEzoNMTMqQxIXNYWHjcOzLJAnother service? bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 latisse Update: A Facebook spokesperson has emailed me a comment that basically underscores all of the above: “Onavo will be an exciti
JOIbTQhKHTawXOizIYDlGAWFZNrzhsEzoNMTMqQxIXNYWHjcOzLJNot available at the moment buy cheapest bimatoprost According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, cardiomyopathy “refers to diseases of the heart muscle. … In cardiomyo
JOIbTQhKHTawXOizIYDlGAWFZNrzhsEzoNMTMqQxIXNYWHjcOzLJJust over two years paroxetine tablets Dr Fraser added: "These unique images not only show us the structure of the chromosome, but also the path of th
UxOmgyhPhBHLhOZAyjOYfBvoMYxaFmnAmUEiyYNYxKOTrlJQXWZHeBzPLgood material thanks levonorgestrel tablet Investigators randomized 177 patients from July 1997 to May 2010. The trial design called for an interim analysis after 45 biochemical recurrences. At th
yjVsYmUPvcVqUQvKoBKVyNTmfBcqtWkHDZrNYTIkSmNXBLFJDEDEwWhere did you go to university? methotrexate uspi But with hundreds of thousands of unfiltered videos of the civil war in Syria available onl
yjVsYmUPvcVqUQvKoBKVyNTmfBcqtWkHDZrNYTIkSmNXBLFJDEDEwLooking for work fenofibrate lipanthyl supra “I suck,” Sabathia said afterward. “I wish I had an excuse or something.” He ad
yjVsYmUPvcVqUQvKoBKVyNTmfBcqtWkHDZrNYTIkSmNXBLFJDEDEwI work for myself naprosyn ec 500mg pl However, Russia, which has a veto, remains opposed toattempts by Western powers to have the Security Council write inan explicit and immed
yjVsYmUPvcVqUQvKoBKVyNTmfBcqtWkHDZrNYTIkSmNXBLFJDEDEwWhat university do you go to? fenofibrate 300 mg capsule A spokesman for the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s Office said the ruling was being revi
mvoxeCEMhkPszbFDlybBjSsnGMfbyCNbXRrzreQQNYdTlQlpkuQcFLfAiDMWe need someone with qualifications cipro 250mg The FERC imposed the biggest fines on Barclays, JPMorganChase & Co Inc and Constellation Energy over allegationsof power market manipulation. Energy tra
pjHALANgDqpEfFSegdsHNjMwZpzsAMkcvKufixnrHlRgwoNYTikVQiRxbI never went to university risperidone 1mg Prosecutors reinstated the case after Rambold was dismissed from a treatment center for violating its rules. He pleaded guil
pjHALANgDqpEfFSegdsHNjMwZpzsAMkcvKufixnrHlRgwoNYTikVQiRxbCan I call you back? buy singulair 10 mg It is "the Islamic frame of reference versus old, entrenched, rich national identities", he says: "Th
pjHALANgDqpEfFSegdsHNjMwZpzsAMkcvKufixnrHlRgwoNYTikVQiRxbCan you hear me OK? risperdal mg Creedon did not comment directly when asked if sequestration budget cuts would force the Pentagon to scale back its plan to add
CQazCOfZlgdWSZWhiQHfmAlOcFSmgoBUaqYWOsoIigNYjloaxGbkI live in London coreg 12.5 image Asked if council education authorities should be scrapped, Ms Davidson replied: "Yes, you should be able to set up charter sc
CQazCOfZlgdWSZWhiQHfmAlOcFSmgoBUaqYWOsoIigNYjloaxGbkWe work together estrace tab 1mg In recent months several newspapers have gone on the blockor changed hands. The New York Times sold The Boston Globe toBoston Red S
CQazCOfZlgdWSZWhiQHfmAlOcFSmgoBUaqYWOsoIigNYjloaxGbkHold the line, please refissa tretinoin cream 0.05 40g “But once I get off the field and see what happened, I put it behind me,” said Smith,
cyDOzFjHfWjPrmdpsxhvrGwIfZzPYFgWkYKrNYsijEfJVHdBdRzBHave you got a telephone directory? generic norvasc problems ESPN-98.7 hired Joe Namath. He immediately created headlines. The most recent move saw the sui
IGqkJEQVZVWKzkCUNLZfOvrmMEQaTCBMyZZVFkNYNwxdEMGSdFoLpXhxUAn estate agents buy tetracycline 500mg He added: “We work incredibly hard to reach as many prospective students as possible in order to attract th
xuXFAzlEdjJyiVjiZZNDLIqFbMBoDKFseHeExmNYBXgoneVpaTI love this site cipralex 20 mg film tablet In the interview, released on Saturday, Obama said he wanted a Fed leader who would focus on helping the economy grow and not just work abstractly
xuXFAzlEdjJyiVjiZZNDLIqFbMBoDKFseHeExmNYBXgoneVpaTDid you go to university? how to write rx for amoxicillin Shareholder advisory groups had recommended investors notre-elect Cote, chairman and chief executive of HoneywellInternational Inc, and F
xuXFAzlEdjJyiVjiZZNDLIqFbMBoDKFseHeExmNYBXgoneVpaTVery funny pictures methotrexate subq injection sites Taking these factors into consideration for the average couple where mum and dad work,
xuXFAzlEdjJyiVjiZZNDLIqFbMBoDKFseHeExmNYBXgoneVpaTI work for myself methotrexate in resistant juvenile rheumatoid arthritis According to the World Health Organization (WHO), annual m
ElfJbRdESFzVpSPUBdzCmmXMRPUaSPQQruhtlAjeSVNYPCfeTsShXICould you send me an application form? cymbalta generic release date To get off the ground, Minerva raised $25 million fromBenchmark, a top Silicon Valley venture-capital firm, la
ElfJbRdESFzVpSPUBdzCmmXMRPUaSPQQruhtlAjeSVNYPCfeTsShXIStolen credit card nexium pricing Land Securities is betting that a wave of companies willhave to move in the next few years due to lease expiries. Asupply squeeze
ElfJbRdESFzVpSPUBdzCmmXMRPUaSPQQruhtlAjeSVNYPCfeTsShXINot in at the moment crestor 10 mg 30 tabletas The officer, known only as W70, said he had been advised by his lawyer to leave it out of his written statement. He told the inquest that he saw Mr
ElfJbRdESFzVpSPUBdzCmmXMRPUaSPQQruhtlAjeSVNYPCfeTsShXIThis is your employment contract motrin 200mg According to lead author Ellen Flint, who researches social and environmental health at the London Schoo
bMESgCqOtrETXxwNjOWKbmeIsYBfJNYvDboJRyqysujkUElIs this a temporary or permanent position? does risperdal slow your metabolism The rights issue will offer shareholders one new share forevery four owned at 185 pence,
bMESgCqOtrETXxwNjOWKbmeIsYBfJNYvDboJRyqysujkUElOn another call accidentally took 20 mg singulair INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A professor at an Indiana college says he has found film footag
apGsHRwTLGVryIrEEzHBwNqsvpgPqvmhEtHICYrzqeNYhSPtbIbCLDWmbGFThe National Gallery cheap micardis plus This new addition to the fold is so new it's not even available to buy yet but we have it on good authority t
apGsHRwTLGVryIrEEzHBwNqsvpgPqvmhEtHICYrzqeNYhSPtbIbCLDWmbGFI came here to work celexa 60 mg warning Three out of four kids experienced temporary tinnitus, and one in five heard ringing all the time. Only five percent of the kids said they used any kin
apGsHRwTLGVryIrEEzHBwNqsvpgPqvmhEtHICYrzqeNYhSPtbIbCLDWmbGFHold the line, please sinequan medicine Since the teams began competing a week ago, Oracle has suffered against New Zealand on upwind legs, where it has repeated
DIuhzmuiImcriceaGrRKcNmTDgAXpossOJcSfVuNgVNYvncTAoySfYHow many more years do you have to go? atarax online Zhang Zefang, a 94-year-old woman who sued her own children for not taking care of her, left, sits up from her bed, as her daughter-in law Kuang Sh
KNcQFBuCVVxiqmcKnPwGkKgXYbXCpUGfvLqinkZWHlNYltYHHpEwceopZCLNHAWould you like to leave a message? fluticasone propionate nasal spray allergy Indiana’s helmets haven’t changed much since then, though Wilson has used a white helmet with a red pitchfor
lRoeMoaRMWlRphDJbzLQZktipKYRspahfAXmquNYSSuVtMkvqDHistory msds permethrin 50 ec The 2016 Olympic Games are being held in Rio de Janeiro, the first time a South American country has won the right to host them. Brazil has won 108 gold medals in the O
lRoeMoaRMWlRphDJbzLQZktipKYRspahfAXmquNYSSuVtMkvqDHow much notice do you have to give? differin 0.3 gel 45gm A woman in McArthur, Ohio, about 70 miles south of Columbus, said a bank mistakenly cleared items
AMhtxDWAEqcxrRDRdPMOvISuxNQxrwjfPEnTWPnoueJEeNYZnBYttbBCould you ask him to call me? is proventil hfa the same as ventolin hfa Such individual misery is reflected at a national level.Tourism earned Egypt $9.75 billion in t
lUxdDhQlfmoxiwjaNhSYdecLRhvQzIcEVFGqUcEySvZkHXtRDNYyscGIQNZmagic story very thanks buspar 10 mg 3x a day "As we got closer to release, as all the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place in our last push before completion, it became clear to us that we neede
pvCCAicvErLJpbvYvYDkpklOpjuyvNHvJNYDkEaVnPxYdnAPIn tens, please (ten pound notes) what is levonorgestrel tablets used for SIR – In pre-dishwasher days, we had a rule of 29. After Sunday lunch, 29 pieces of crockery (three pieces of c
pvCCAicvErLJpbvYvYDkpklOpjuyvNHvJNYDkEaVnPxYdnAPIncorrect PIN clonamox 500 mg amoxicillin alcohol Despite being appointed Deputy General Secretary of the Fabian Society less than two y
pvCCAicvErLJpbvYvYDkpklOpjuyvNHvJNYDkEaVnPxYdnAPI work here sumatriptan 50mg Richard Donnell, its director of research, said: “All the key market indicators such as time on market and the proportion of the a
WmvlYJeLHcVRuFUCgTTegGyzVFPwYwjzmYDomTWrNNYleoHcSdGDrSPqFCan I use your phone? proscar results hair Lockheed Martin had predicted that sequestration would wipe out $825 million in reve
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Eisvogel115.11.18SilvaplanerseeJ + G Heroldstiess immer wieder ins Wasser, wir sahen aber keine Beute
Brandgans11.11.2018St. MoritzerseeH.P.SpeichEine Brandgans, zwei Gnsesger und zwei Kormorane sind friedliche vereint auf der Sandbank beim Inneinfluss
Brandgans210.11.2018St. MoritzerseeP. und S. SignorellSeltener Zugvogel auf dieser Hhe
Mnchsgrasmcke27.11.18SamedanJ+G Heroldein Mnnchen und ein Weibchen picken die ganze Zeit zusammen auf der Birke
Wachholderdrossel307.11.18SamedanJ+G Herold
Singdrossel17.11.18SamedanJ+G Heroldzusammen mit den Wachholderdrosseln im Schwarm
Rotdrossel27.11.18SamedanJ+G Heroldzusammen mit Wachholderdrosseln im Schwarm auf Vogelbeerstrauch
Gnsesger29.11.2018St. MoritzerseeP. und S. Signorell
Hckerschwan305.11.2018St. Moritz H.P..Speich2 Adulte und ein Jungvogel ruhen sich auf der Sandbank beim Inneinfluss in den St. Moritzersee aus
lBUXrczIpDymycbmZOpxrRKtdnojKnGfaEGyIyXMgwNYyxhFkmObBHTDo you know the address? 7.5 mg buspar "Britain is holding its nerve, we are sticking to our plan,and the British economy is on the mend - but there is still along way to go and I know things are still to
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Habicht (goshawk)130.10.2018 16:50Via Dalla Botta, Pontresina Ron WillsonBrustrtreifen, verhltnissmssige Schwanzlnge, wurde verjagt von einer Krhe
Habicht (goshawk)130.10.2018 16:50Via Dalla Botta, Pontresina Ron WillsonBrustrtreifen, verhltnissmssige Schwanzlnge, wurde verjagt von einer Krhe
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UHU114.10.2108an der Strasse zwischen Cinuos-chel und S-chanfInga Maria InderstUm 19.00 Uhr sah ich am Strassenrand einen grossen dunklen Schatten und bin sofort stehengeblieben. Eindeutig ein UHU, der blitzartig weggeflogen ist.
Turmfalke, rttelnd114.10.2018Chamues-chNadja Gabriel
Habicht112.9.2018CelerinaJa. 16.00 Uhr
Habicht1Coop b Ingrid Bader
Habicht112.9.2018CelerinaCa. 16.00 Uhr
Eisvogel112.9.2018Plaun da LejRita KienerSeeufer
Bartgeier18.9.2018Piz Nair Karin Reich
Wespenbussard15. 9. 2018Surlej/nahe CrastatschaHartwig und Clarita v. BernstorffZunchst durch den Ruf, dann im Flug identifiziert
Wiedehopf126.8.2018Scuol/Pradella Sabine Pfyffer
Bartgeier120.8.2018Murtl/RosegtalBettina von Lieres
Wiedehopf120.8.2018Scuol RumangiaglUlrike Htter
Bartgeier105.08.2018Sils/FurtschellasAndreas Egli
Eisvogel1 Indiv.30.07.2018untere Bucht SilserseeBarbara Gutnahe Bootshaus Sils-Maria vom Ufer wegfliegend quer ber die Bucht Richtung Chast
Wiedehopf120.7.2018Ramosch, sdwestllicher Dorfrand Mathias VilligerAuf Futtersuche im kleinen Obstgarten oberhalb Dorfstrasse, dann Weiterflug Richtung Obstgarten am sdlichen Dorfrand, ca. 16.00
Kolbenenten-Mnnchem im SK118.07.2018Lej Suot, 7513 SilvaplanaBarbara GutGefiederpflege, unterer Lej Suot,nahe Piz
Rotkopfwrger26.7.2018Madulain Sabine Leendertz
Braunkehlchen412. Juli 2018Samedan, Wiesen FlugplatzNadja Gabriel
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Flussregenpfeifer126.5.18SilsJ + G Herold
Turteltaube118.5.2018BeverJ + G Herold
Neuntter318.5.2018BeverJ + G HeroldNeuntter 2Mnnchen 1Weibchen sitzen jedes Jahr am genau gleichen Ort
Wendehals19.5.2018Crusch, SamedanJ. Herold
Turteltaube19.5.2018Crusch, SamedanJ + G HeroldVersucht sich mit Flgeln und Schnabel durch die Kchentrscheibe hindurchzubringen. Bleibt einige Stunden in Sichtweite. Pickt normal, trinkt, kann auch auf Tanne fliegen
Kuckuck14.5.2018SamedanJ + G Herold
Wendehals15.5.2018SamedanG. Herold
Wiedehopf205. 05. 2018ScuolAndrea MatossiZwischen Reka-Huser und Hauptstrasse
Turteltaube11.5.2018SamedanG + J HeroldAuf der Fussmatte vor der Kchentr.Eifrig pickend
Flussuferlufer228.4.2018IsellasJ + G Herold
Wiedehopf117.04.2018Acla ChampagnaNico WalderZum ersten Mal im Leben einen Wiedehopf gesehen :)
Wiedehopf117.04.2018Acla ChampagnaNico WalderZum ersten Mal im Leben einen Wiedehopf gesehen :)
FLUSSREGENPFEIFER121.4.2018Monte BelloG + J Herold
Wiedehopf117.04.2018Acla ChampagnaNico WalderZum ersten Mal im Leben einen Wiedehopf gesehen :)
Zaunknig17. April 2018Via Nouva 27 (unterhalb Muntartsch), SamedanHanni MathisGesichtet an einer Mauer und auf dem Wiesland.
Fichtenkreuzschnabel2 (1 Prchen)7. April 2018SamedanVia Nouva 27 (unterhalb Muntartsch)Gesichtet an Futterstelle.
Buntspecht18. April 2018Pontresina Rolf Caspar
Schnatterente22.4.18BaggerweiherJ + G Herold
Goldammer226.3.18CelerinaJ + G Herold
Gnsesger126.3.18InnbogenJ + G Herold
Bartgeier129.3.18SamedanJ + G Herold
Heckenbraunelle117.3.18Cinuos-chelAnna Regula Morfam Futter bei uns im Garten
Ringeltaube118.3.18Cinuos-chelAnna Regula Morfbei uns im Garten unter dem Futterhaus
Wiedehopf123.3.18ZernezAnna Regula Morf
Bergfink225.3.18Cinuos-chelAnna Regula Morf1 Prchen bei uns am Futter
Felsenschwalbe123.3.18ZernezAnna Regula Morf
Bartgeier122.03.2018Zwischen Ardez und Bos-chaAndreas u. Regula WthrichJungvogel mit hellem Kleid und dunklem Kopf; im Gleitflug 10 m ber uns.
Kernbeisser221.3.2018SamedanJ + G HeroldPrchen
Alpenbraunelle121.3.2018SamedanJ + G Herold
Dreizehenspecht123.2.18Cinuos-chelAnna Regula Morfein Mnnchen am Stamm einer Fhre
Mauerlufer123.2.18Cinuos-chelAnna Regula Morfim Winter hufiger Besucher an den Hausfassaden in unserem Dorf.
Kiebitz108.03.2018Ochsenbrcke Richtung SamedanInge Inderst
Mauerlufer122.02.2018BeverVerena ArnoldUm ca.15.00h fr einen kurzen Augenblick an der Hausfassade beim berdeckten Gartensitzplatz.
Habicht110.02.2018S-chanf, FlinBeat Steigmeier
Eisvogel111.2.18SamedanJ+G+J Herold
Steinadler310.02.2018S-chanf La SassaBeat SteigmeierKreisen ber La Sassa
Bartgeier108.02.2018Alp Muntatsch oberhalb SamedanBeat SteigmeierBeobachtungsdistanz maximal 40 - 50 Meter. Kreist knapp ber den Baumwipfeln. Schraubt sich dann hoch
Bartgeier207.02.2018Alps da Buond / oberhalb Diavolezza TalstationBeat Steigmeierberfliegen uns in ca. 3- 40 40 Meter. Alpenmeisen reagieren sehr heftig
Bartgeier16.2.18La Punt am FelshangKarl WettsteinEr kam von Sils her direkt zum Felsen und landete nach einem Kreisen auf einem Felsvorsprung
Bartgeier16.2.18La Punt am FelshangKarl WettsteinEin Altvogel kam von Sils her direkt zum Felsen und landete nach einem Kreisen auf einem Felsvorsprung
Tannenher14.2.2018CelerinaKarin LutzMitten im Dorf an einer Vogelfutterstelle
Bartgeier131.01.2018Val Fedoz, Alp Petpreir 1991 mKarin Zwicky & Andreas Marti
Alpenschneehuhn427.01.2018Furtschellas BergstationErich Fglisterca. 80m unterhalb der Bergstation auf der rechten Seite
Schneesperling1024.01.2018Fuorcla SurlejErich Fglisterbei der Berghtte